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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a school-wide behaviour initiative that is being implemented by the staff and students of Raymond Terrace Public School. PBL encourages positive behaviour from all students through specifically taught behaviour expectations. 


At Raymond Terrace Public School our rules are:

  • In the right place
  • Do as you are asked
  • Friendly Talk
  • Hands off
  • Respect

Student expectations are being developed around these rules and are also being developed according to locations, activities and movement in the school. PBL aims to ensure that all staff and students share the same language to discuss behaviour and have the same expectations for behaviour.

Through explicit lessons, common language and demonstrations we aim to decrease undesirable behaviour by the teaching of what is expected and showing the students exactly what the correct behaviour looks like.

The students at RTPS have been involved in the explicit learning of our school rules and expectations for 12 months now and will continue this learning of behavioural expectations for years to come and we are ready to launch our school as a PBL school.