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The 5 Key to success

The 5 keys to success that young people need to develop


Confidence requires that young people not be overly concerned with what others think if they make a mistake. Confidence is revealed when young people are not afraid to fail and are happy to meet someone new. Confidence involves young people having trust in themselves and believing that they will probably be successful in the end. Confident young people stand up straight, look people in the eye, and speak clearly and with a firm tone of voice.



Persistence is revelaed when young peopletry hard when doing schoolwork they find frustrating and do not feel like doing, and finfish their work on time. young People who keep trying to complete an assignemnt rather than becoming distracted, and those who elect to play after they've done thier work, demonstrate motivation and can be described as being persistent.



Organisation is revelaed when young people keep track of their assignements, schedule their time effectively, and set goals they want to do in specific areas of their schoolwork and in other endeavours. Organisation also means having  in hand all materials needed to do schoolwork and having a system for sorting previously learned material.\


Getting Along

Getting Along is revealed when young people make friends easily, work co-operatively with each other, resolve conflicts by discussion rather than fights, manage their anger, show tolerance, and follow class rules, including making responsible choices so that everyone's rights are protected and volunteer for community service.


Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience is dhown when young people are able to stop themselves from getting extremely angry, down, or worried when something "bad" happens. Emotional Resilience also means being able to calm down, feel better when overly upset, and bounce back from adversity.

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